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the “chill the F out” roll-on

It seems as though this Venus retrograde we’re currently experencing is throwing both myself and a lot of my lady friends for quite the loop. Fear not, y’all. Like my cooking, my EO blending is both half-assed and lazy, but at times, awesomely lucky. This is one of those times.

Behold!!! The savior of overwhelmed moms everywhere: The “chill the F out” roll-on.

Here’s what you’ll need:
• roller ball cap (if you’ve already purchased yours, one comes in the new Young Living starter kit)
• empty bottle of Surrender (because it’s really pungent)
• sesame oil (NOT the toasted kind. The unfiltered good stuff.)
• 15 drops of Lady Sclareol
• 15 drops of Tangerine or Citrus Fresh
• 15 drops of Stress Away

Your empty EO bottles are great for repurposing into roll-ons. A child’s medicine dropper is a great way to decant the sesame oil into the smaller bottles.

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3pm Collagen Cocktail…

… because your children just got home and you’re a good 5-6hrs from bed time. Also, to some, it’s too early for wine.

I’m new to this particular product, NingXia Red, and I found it tasty but a little sweet. I decided it made for the perfect sweetener for my usually disgusting ACV cocktails. Add some cold-water-soluble gelatin and your cellulite ridden thighs will thank you. To my vegan friends: I apologize. Vanity has taken over here, and I can’t help it. image

• Fill your 22(ish)oz Lifefactory bottle about 2/3 of the way with water
• Add contents of RED packet
• Add 2ish oz of ACV
• Add about a tablespoon (generous pour) of gelatin & SHAKE IT!

I really liked this when I tried it yesterday and it was suuper easy. Stay tuned for links to buy the NingXia Red (& possibly the gelatin) in both the webstore and in the shop. Coming soon!!

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