Heather’s High 5′s

High-Fives all around for these awesome stuffs… They’re all winners.

Not Plastic…

In this episode of the Hey Gurl Happy Hour, Meg and I discuss all of those awesome alternatives to plasticware. You’re gonna wanna bookmark this one guys. Promise.

There’s a question about whether plastics are leaching chemicals that mimic estrogen into what we consume. Even BPA-free plastics have been called into question. Due to recently published studies on the link between plastics and early puberty in girls, we’re bringing you our take on plastic-free food and drink storage.

These alternatives are more expensive than throw-away Tupperwares and such, but they’re not going to melt in the dishwasher. Or give you cancer… or early boobs ;-)

Making the switch is a good investment, despite your mother’s attempt to talk you out of it. Politely tell her that exposure to certain toxins is a cumulative effect. The whole “well you guys turned out alright” argument that we always hear actually doesn’t apply here because we won’t know what damage has been done until we look at our grandchildren, so let’s give them a fair chance by doing our best.

Meg and I have curated a collection of our faves. Enjoy!

Special shoutouts to the following:
Wean Green
the Kupp
• Kids Konserve
• Eco Vessel


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Toddler Wearing

Yes… It’s the latest “it” thing. No… You’re not going crazy. Wearing giant children does have its advantages, even if you’re not so sure of them just yet. We talk about a few in our recent video:

New to MBs are the LILLEbaby & the Beco Baby toddler carriers. The smallest child I’d put in one of these is Colin and he’s nearly 3 and almost 30lbs. No, you cannot wear infants in these.

• They’re being jerks about riding in the stroller
• They’re being terrible and their self-preservation is nonexistent (i.e. running into the street, etc)
• You’ve got a bigger kid whose carrier is currently being used by your new baby… and…
• MutherFuckin DISNEYLAND

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the Hey Gurl Happy Hour… Ep. 1

… with Meg + Heather. Yes, y’all. I’ve joined forces with Lucie’s List to bring you the latest in all things baby. But not like a bunch of boring shit. There will be good, bad & ugly on our show. Also, wine. And swears.

Have questions for us??? We’ve got answers. Whether you want to see your favorite product reviewed or are wondering if something sucks or not, we’re here to help. Tag your questions on our FB/Twitter pages with #HGHH (until we come up with something better) or leave us a comment below. In the meantime, enjoy :-)

NSFW (but I bet you already knew that, huh…)

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the Milkies milk saver

As you must know by now, I’m not into parenting “gadgets”… Especially the ones designed to make you feel like you neeeeeed them to be good at this parenting thang. However. This one is pretty sweet. Do your boobs leak a lot? Same. So this clever (US-made) guy collects all that goodness so you can bottle it (or bag it) for later. I passively collected 20oz in 5 days (true story… results not typical. I’m a cow)

Enjoy Kyle’s instructional video:

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