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Holiday Kitchen Deals… from our BFFs

Didn’t have the wedding you wanted? Lose all the good stuff in the divorce? Well then, you can rest easy and start replenishing your stash of kitchen electrics. And just in time for the holidays…
And guys! the emails are pouring in, and they couldn’t be awesomer. Behold, I’ve culled them all into one post, so please do read on.

First up, our besties at Blendtec have a sweet promo going… Check it out:
Next up, the kitchen tool I cannot live without: Global Knives… And a SWEET KNIFE BLOCK too!
Sur la Table is hooking us up right now with this deal. Get into it.
And last but not least, everyone needs a good solid crock pot. Nothing too fancy… Thanks Cuisinart! FREE SHIPPING on this one too. Get Excited.

Well! That’s all for now. Happy shopping & happy eating… Now, I must face the grocery store on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Wish me luck :-)…

~The Lazy Chef

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3pm Collagen Cocktail…

… because your children just got home and you’re a good 5-6hrs from bed time. Also, to some, it’s too early for wine.

I’m new to this particular product, NingXia Red, and I found it tasty but a little sweet. I decided it made for the perfect sweetener for my usually disgusting ACV cocktails. Add some cold-water-soluble gelatin and your cellulite ridden thighs will thank you. To my vegan friends: I apologize. Vanity has taken over here, and I can’t help it. image

• Fill your 22(ish)oz Lifefactory bottle about 2/3 of the way with water
• Add contents of RED packet
• Add 2ish oz of ACV
• Add about a tablespoon (generous pour) of gelatin & SHAKE IT!

I really liked this when I tried it yesterday and it was suuper easy. Stay tuned for links to buy the NingXia Red (& possibly the gelatin) in both the webstore and in the shop. Coming soon!!

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Shopping in the LILLEbaby…

Kyle takes Colin out for some of The Lazy Chef shopping at our best, Dan’s Fresh Produce
Colin is not living his best life in this video, but these oranges were amazingly tasty.
Shop more LILLEbaby here… enjoy!!

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Lazy Baby Superfood…

It’s Monday and I’m short on cash and time… Luckily, I can count on my pantry being stocked with all kinds of weird shit. Good news for hungry kids! And it’s super healthy too:
• 1cup of quick(ish) oats
• Handful of Goji Berries
• 3(ish)Tbs of Chia Seeds
• 2-3 dashes of cinnamon (or better yet, pumpkin pie spice left over from the holidays)
• a dropper-full of stevia liquid (or the good kind of maple syrup)
• 1 splash of vanilla extract
• Almond milk to drizzle on after cooking
1) Place oats + seeds into a microwave-safe bowl big enough for the oats to double in size (without over flowing) & add enough water to cover 2) Microwave on high for 2-3min until cooked (leaving extra water is fine because seeds will absorb it) 3) Once cooked, stir the mixture and add Goji berries + vanilla + stevia, then sprinkle cinnamon on top 4) Scoop and serve in different bowls (it will be SUPER hot) then drizzle cold almond milk to help cool it down more… Makes enough to serve 2-3 hungry monsters (an maybe some left over for mom) ENJOY!

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Lazy Zoodle Salad

Can’t believe I totally forgot to post this here… It was probably because it was soooo freaking easy, I left it for Facebook only. Many apologies.

This one is healthy, fast, and super easy for all y’all OG lazies out there:
Thanks to the Veggetti… (worth every 20% off penny)

• shred 4-5 regular sized zucchini with your Veggetti
• place in bowl and add salt + enough cold water to cover zoodles, then soak for 5-10min
• drain water then toss with lemon juice, olive oil and nutritional yeast
• fold in pumpkin seeds + arugula

… Enjoy!

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Lazy Friday dinner for 3

It’s the Friday before Valentine’s Day, and your two favorite Valentines have been with you all day because glorious February 14th has fallen on President’s Day weekend (and errybody but you is closed – school, daycare, all of it). It’s also Friday the 13th, so your kids have likely been terrible all. day. long. Here’s a quick fix that would work on ANY day that requires making dinner for children. 5 minutes (seriously) and it’s done. All ingredients purchased from our besties at Dan’s Fresh Produce.

• 1 bunch of fresh, flat-leaf parsley
• 1 dime bag (or whatever you wanna call it) of PEELED garlic cloves… cuz ain’t nobody got time for that
• 1 package of Fresh pasta – we used the Phoenix Pastifico Egg Fettucine. Worth the $… (you can go vegan and/or gluten-free with these guys too. Everything is super delicious and cooks in mere minutes!)
• a healthy tablespoon (or 2) of butter or ghee (EVOO if you’re going vegan)
• OPTIONAL: red pepper flakes, for kids who don’t give an F

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Lazy Tool of the Month…

The Immersion Blender.
If you do not have an immersion blender, you’re doing it wrong. Or, you just like a lot of extra work + dishes. Either way, it’s not OK. Stop this.
I have a $299 Swiss immersion blender, but that’s because I have a problem. You don’t need a bamix… your everyday Cuisinart/Kitchen Aid will do just fine, and if you save any of the 100+ Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons you receive weekly, you’re pretty much set.

You basically rule when it comes to soups and/or baby food once you incorporate the IB and its powers into your food prep routine. And now for an obvious example of how awesome… A quick before + after:image
that Beba Baby cook thing? Rubbish. An entirely separate food processing system designed “especially” for “making baby food”? Enough! Save yourself the unnecessary drama and get the aformentioned immersion blender and/or a Blendtec, and do yourself a favor. These tools will not only pay for themselves, they’ll be treasured kitchen friends for years after you stop pureeing baby carrots. You’re welcome. image

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Lazy Leftover Lunch

Have any cilantro + root veggies left over from Monday? Perfect. Cuz it’s lunchtime, and your monsterous children will be home in an hour (stupid early-dismissal Wednesdays). Better make it a good one…

Turnip + Red Beet + Tempeh Salad:
• 1 turnip, chopped
• 1 red beet, chopped (fun because red, but any color will do)
• whole package of Tempeh, cubed
• pumpkin seeds + hemp seeds for salad garnish
• Apple Cider Vinegar + nutritional yeast + olive oil (for salad “dressing”)
• Lettuce (duh)
• handful of cilantro
• Turmeric + cumin (both powdered) + salt
1) Add beets + turnips + spices to a small scoop or two of ghee + a little water. 2) Simmer until water is reduced by half, then add tempeh (FYI, tempeh is kinda gnarly if you don’t braise it… always braise it). 3) cook until liquid is gone and veggies are soft. It’s ok to let them get a little crispy. 4) Toss in cilantro just before removing from heat. 5) Create your bed of lettuce and shake nutritional yeast + a couple shakes of apple cider vinegar, then add veggies/tempeh on top. 6) drizzle with olive oil, salt to taste and sprinkle with hemp + pumpkin seeds… Enjoy!

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Lazy Root Veg Soup

Been feeling the need to get more “grounded” now that ye old holidays are upon us? Same here. Consuming copious amounts of root vegetables is one way to get there. It’s winter, so it’s time to hunker down and prepare… For the famine. For the family. For hibernation. It’s about to get real out there. Cilantro was on sale at Dan’s Fresh Produce for ¢49!! I cannot pass up a deal, so natrually, I set off to make some cilantro + something soup. As you may know, cilantro is one of those polarizing veggies (herbs?). You either love it or you hate it. There are entire websites dedicated to those whose hatred of cilantro is strong enough to, well, dedicate a website to I suppose. Love it or hate it, cilantro has amazing immune boosting properties which are key this time of year. Also, it’s delicious. I grabbed this giant bag of ¢49 cilantro, a couple turnips and was on my way.
Turnip (for what?!) Soup w/cilantro:
• 2 turnips (peeled-ish)
• 2 boxes of TJ’s Miso Ginger broth (or make your own. I’m not perfect)
• 1-2 Tbs of whole Cumin seeds (powder is fine too if you’re not fancy)
• 4-6 cloves of garlic (depending on how you roll with garlic)
• 4 giant handfuls of cilantro + more for garnish after
• 1 handful of white or red quinoa (sprouted for more nutritional value)
• 1 small head of savoy cabbage
• 1 lemon or lime
1) Toast the whole garlic cloves with the cumin seeds in your soup pot with some ghee or coconut oil. 2) add broth + chopped turnips. 3) Let simmer for about 20 minutes, then add the quinoa. 4) Cook for another 10 minutes, or until turnips are soft, then blend with your immersion blender (seriously, if you haven’t already bought one of these, do it. Or just ask Santa. You can thank me later). 5) Add cabbage + lemon/lime to pot before ladling into bowls (cabbage should still be crunchy). 6) salt to taste and garnish with more cilantro… Enjoy!

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Lazy Tool of the Month…

Know Salad Spinner, know joy… Conversely, no Salad Spinner, no joy. Just ask Colin. Not only does this kitchen tool provide countless hours of mind-spinning entertainment to little ones, it can make all things clean + amazing again in seconds.

Have some droopy Swiss Chard?
• Slice it up, and throw in in your spinner with enough water to cover the greens.
• Wait 15min, and they’re back to their old glory… Works with pretty much any leafy green vegetable that you thought may be past its prime.
• Dump excess water and spinnnnnn! (make the kiddos do this)
• Serve raw or saute. Whatever you choose, you’ll be happy you brought your greens back to life first :-)


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