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Lazy Vegan Brownies

Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Coconut Brownies:
1) buy this mix from Trader Joes immediately.
2) substitute egg using flaxseed meal + water (ratio 1Tbs flax : 1Tbs H2O)
3) sub veg oil with {warmed} coconut oil
4) sub 1/4H2O with silken tofu OR plain Greek yogurt if you’re not vegan
5) add some vanilla extract
6) while mixing, add coconut water until you get to a nice consistency
7) add dark choco chips
8) die

Do this now. Thank me later. Aaaaand GO!
#whatveganseat #glutenfree #chocolate


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Lazy Saturday…

You’re exhausted. The kids are being irritating, and they’re already starving. Lately, we’ve spent our early Saturday mornings hopping the ferry to SF for some Farmer’s Market action, but on those days that I have to open the shop, I give you this:
Let the Saturday morning Juice Odyssey begin!

• Apples
• Cucumbers
• Ginger
• Beets (optional)
• Swiss Chard
• Flat-Leaf Parsley
• lemons//or misc citrus {some with skin on}

IN Blendtec:
• all the juice you just juiced
• watercress
• ice cubes (optional)

Blend and serve… Or save for Sunday :-)


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Afternoon {green juice} Delight

Need a quick pick-me-up? Kids not eating their veggies? Fear not…

Bust out your trusty juicer – we use the Omega Masticating Juicer (it was a gift) – and your Blendtec. If you can only afford one of these amazing kitchen tools, the Blendtec is obviously more versitile. If you’re getting serious about jucing, however, I would recommend looking into the Omega. It freaking rocks.

• juice cucumber + apple + ginger + lemon in juicer
• blend in handfuls of baby kale + baby chard + baby beet greens in Blendtec

#GreenJuice #Blendtec #foodmatters

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LeftOvers ‘n Lunches

I recently learned that according to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, food should be consumed as it’s made & at its prime (i.e. never eat leftovers). After I stopped crying and judging myself, I decided that while I was ever so slightly glad to know this, it’s not all together practical, all the time. Enter: Wean Green…our Canadian besties whose love of their country is only rivaled by their love of our planet.
weangreenI love these containers so much, I can hardly stand it. They’re freezer-safe, drop-tested, and perfect for those pesky leftovers. Because let’s be honest, that kid’s lunch for tomorrow is not going to make itself. And if you’re deciding to be healthier this year, B-Y-Oing on the lunch front is a great place to start. To help with that, Melissa Gunning {Founder of Wean Green, & fellow Mother-of-the-Year contestant} has developed the perfect vehicle to house your glassware… The new WG Lunch Box! Toxin-free and made completely of reclaimed materials. Fits all your goodies + it’s easy to clean/carry.

For more on Wean Green’s awesomeness & functionality, watch the video below. For more on Ayurveda and how it can help change your WHOLE life, check out Daily Ayurveda… a local wellness resource founded by the lovely, beautiful and amazing Brittney Barrett. A consultation with Brittney will change the way your family thinks about food. We’ll be collaborating with DA later this year, so stay tuned for some classes and demos coming soon to MBs.


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No Nuts? No problem…

Have a nut allergy in the family that just keeps posing an
 enormous problem for your once revered pesto creations? Well settle down, for now I’ll attempt to save you from all of your problems with some arugula pesto with flax seed and
 bulgur – flax + bulgur to replace the delicious nuttiness once produced by my
 beloved pine nuts, and arugula… well because basil is outta season.




After soaking the quinoa, I had too much liquid so I added some
rainbow, whole-wheat Israeli couscous (almost gluten-free). And yep,
 that’s ricotta cheese. (If you want Vegan, blend 1:1 silken tofu & firm
tofu. Add salt). Spread the delicious pesto creation over the top. It was rather accidental that the spatula was also Green.


Next, grab your trusty Mandolin slicer (you can try it without, but it will 
be decidedly less cool), and a zucchini and go to town. I had 4 but 
only ended up needing one. Depends on the size of the dish. Layer 
the zucchini into ribbons.



Drizzle with some quality Olive Oil and broil until you see browning/
bubbles (not very long). I added a little Parmesan for flavor and
 effect, but again, If you’re going Vegan, just leave this out. Sprinkle
 salt instead.

Enjoy your Somewhere-That’s-Green Bulgur Pesto Quinoa casserole + Shaved Zucchini with someone nice that enjoys garlic…
 Preferably not your abusive dentist boyfriend who rides a Harley.


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