Silhouette Artist Event • 2/26/17

Missed the last one? It’s cool… The Silhouette Event Returns! & even though our storefront is closed, we’ve partnered up with Mommy’s Trading Post to host this awesome event. Have Grandma’s birthday coming up? Need an early Mother’s Day gift? Want a silhouette of your favorite pet cat? Well you’re in luck ’cause Karl’s coming back *just* for you… So again, we invite you to bring your belly, your baby or your puppy to Mommy’s Trading Post on February 26th.

Make your appointment online today! They’ll fill up fast – as per usual – but they only take 5 minutes. And guys… Last time, some of you signed up for multiple slots, then didn’t show up. I totally get wanting options, but the waitlist gets long and others missed out as a result :-/. Please don’t be that guy. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so before the day of the event, and please only reserve slots that you intend to use. Thanks so much for understanding!

See you soon!


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