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LeftOvers ‘n Lunches

I recently learned that according to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, food should be consumed as it’s made & at its prime (i.e. never eat leftovers). After I stopped crying and judging myself, I decided that while I was ever so slightly glad to know this, it’s not all together practical, all the time. Enter: Wean Green…our Canadian besties whose love of their country is only rivaled by their love of our planet.
weangreenI love these containers so much, I can hardly stand it. They’re freezer-safe, drop-tested, and perfect for those pesky leftovers. Because let’s be honest, that kid’s lunch for tomorrow is not going to make itself. And if you’re deciding to be healthier this year, B-Y-Oing on the lunch front is a great place to start. To help with that, Melissa Gunning {Founder of Wean Green, & fellow Mother-of-the-Year contestant} has developed the perfect vehicle to house your glassware… The new WG Lunch Box! Toxin-free and made completely of reclaimed materials. Fits all your goodies + it’s easy to clean/carry.

For more on Wean Green’s awesomeness & functionality, watch the video below. For more on Ayurveda and how it can help change your WHOLE life, check out Daily Ayurveda… a local wellness resource founded by the lovely, beautiful and amazing Brittney Barrett. A consultation with Brittney will change the way your family thinks about food. We’ll be collaborating with DA later this year, so stay tuned for some classes and demos coming soon to MBs.


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Weantailer Spotlight: Monkey Bars

- by Melissa Gunning, Founder of WeanGreen

Since being in the ‘biz we have noticed what a huge difference a little spunk makes. Monkey Bars is our #1 example of this little business tip. Wicked owner + funky business = Monkey Bars in Alameda California!

Here is our Q&A with Heather, the owner of Monkey Bars:

1. What is your favorite kitchen accessory (besides Wean Green)?

Hands down, I’m going with The Immersion Blender. I use mine all the time. Sauces, veggie purees, soups, you name it. Great for baby food too, and because we’ll be revisiting that stage in less than a year now, I’m keeping it handy for my homemade baby food (which then gets promptly popped into some wean cubes – naturally)

2. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Well lately, it’s been my uncontrollable urge to pee, but before this pregnancy I’d have to say it’s the thought that I truly love what I do, and no matter what I look like each morning (or if I’ve even showered) I get to go to “work” and help people all day. This is really a tough one though, because we all have our crap days & if I didn’t have to pee or I wasn’t starving for breakfast, getting going in the morning can suck! My 6-y-o has become very adept at making his own breakfast, thus easing the pre school craziness. He knows how to use a toaster oven, and he’s got his own set of kid-friendly butter knives. That dude makes a mean PB&J.

3. If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, what would you like to do instead?

Ironically, this is in the works. I love food. Eating it, cooking it, sharing it with friends and family. Cooking honestly relieves my stress at the end of the day. I’ve launched (well almost launched) my long awaited food blog! If I had my way though, I’d have a cooking show. It would be a cross between Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” & Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D List”… Stay tuned.

4. What is your favorite Wean Green size and why?

I’m personally a pretty big fan of the Lunch Cubes. I think the first question I asked Melissa when we met was “ooo! do they come bigger?”… Again, I prefer these for grown-up/bigger kid stuff. When it comes to making baby food however, the 4 pack of cubes is the way to go. I’ve also managed to use these guys for my daily stashes of salad dressing & my at-work stash of prenatal vitamins.

5. Why do you sell glass?

I’ve been a fan of glass since I can remember. I was raised in the microwave era, and even as a 7-y-o latchkey child, I knew something was wrong with putting plastic in the microwave. Now with glass, I rarely worry about temperature changes or staining. This is especially awesome for someone who hates doing dishes. Glass is so easy to clean! Plus, there’s the whole safety bit – with all of the unknowns that still surrounding plastic, I feel that in most cases, it’s better just to go glass. As I mentioned, the biggest issue with plastic is heating it, whereas glass can be stored in the fridge, heated, and served all in the same dish. I just makes mama’s life easier.

6. What other products do you sell that compliment Wean Green?

We sell Lifefactory glass baby & grown-up bottles. I feel like these two lines are very complementary. Yes, your bag gets a little heavier, but everything does seem to taste better. The great thing about both lines is that they grow with your needs. For example, what I said earlier about the Cubes – use them for making baby food, then when you’ve passed that stage, put your vitamins in them. Lifefactory baby bottles have nipples, sippy caps and solid caps making it very easy for the bottles to stay with your child long term, thus making them a great value.
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OK, OK, OK … I know I’m behind schedule {Winners Announced}!

Sooo, thanks for participating in my first GIVEAWAY!
You’re all awesome…

& here’s what we’ve all been [so patiently] waiting for: THE WINNERS!! Thank goodness for Random.org, ’cause without them, it would have been too hard for me to decide :-)

Teether winners:
Tara E.
Reichel B.
Brittni A.
Tannis Z.
Kathleen C.

AND… The *grand* prize winner is…
Sarah N!!

Congrats to all of you awesome people, and may you continue to be entertained by me on a daily basis.
Love you like crazy,

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Glass, Glass & more Glass y’all…

*This contest is now closed*

GIVEAWAY time! Who’s excited?!? (other than me?)

Lifefactory & WeanGreen – 2 of MY personal favorite purveyors of all things Glassy & AWEsome – are about to make you as happy as they make me on a daily basis. Yep. Call me Super-Fan. And because most of you share my affinity for all things Glass, you get it, but for those of you that aren’t on board yet, I’m here for you. One Lucky winner will receive a virtual cornucopia of glassy-ness{thank me later}
Here’re the deets: Multiple ways to enter the aforementioned Giveaway & each entry counts, so faites attention…

#1 – “Like” the Monkey Bars Facebook page & leave a comment on this post showing you’ve done so

#2 – Follow Monkey Bars on Twitter & leave a comment on this post showing you’ve done so

#3 – “Like” & post on Lifefactory‘s FB wall saying how much you ♥ MBs {or them, to be fair} & comment on this post showing you’ve done so

#4 – “Like” & post on WeanGreen‘s FB wall saying MBs sent you {and naturally, how much you love them} & – wait for it – leave a comment on this post showing you’ve done so…

ONE Lucky winner will receive the following from WeanGreen: a 4 pack of Wean Cubes glass baby food containers & from Lifefactory: One 22oz bottle of their choice/One 16oz bottle of their choice/One *new* (so exciting) toddler sippy of their choice/One 9oz Baby Bottle of their choice & last but not least, a silicone teether… Sad about just one winner? Well don’t be. Since this is my first proper Giveaway, I’m going ahead with 5 runners-up: Silicone teethers for the lot of you! Start sharing the love. You won’t regret it.

Contest closes on Friday, August 12th so don’t dilly-dally…
Love you, mean it

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