Holiday Kitchen Deals… from our BFFs

Didn’t have the wedding you wanted? Lose all the good stuff in the divorce? Well then, you can rest easy and start replenishing your stash of kitchen electrics. And just in time for the holidays…
And guys! the emails are pouring in, and they couldn’t be awesomer. Behold, I’ve culled them all into one post, so please do read on.

First up, our besties at Blendtec have a sweet promo going… Check it out:
Next up, the kitchen tool I cannot live without: Global Knives… And a SWEET KNIFE BLOCK too!
Sur la Table is hooking us up right now with this deal. Get into it.
And last but not least, everyone needs a good solid crock pot. Nothing too fancy… Thanks Cuisinart! FREE SHIPPING on this one too. Get Excited.

Well! That’s all for now. Happy shopping & happy eating… Now, I must face the grocery store on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Wish me luck :-)…

~The Lazy Chef

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