Lazy Friday dinner for 3

It’s the Friday before Valentine’s Day, and your two favorite Valentines have been with you all day because glorious February 14th has fallen on President’s Day weekend (and errybody but you is closed – school, daycare, all of it). It’s also Friday the 13th, so your kids have likely been terrible all. day. long. Here’s a quick fix that would work on ANY day that requires making dinner for children. 5 minutes (seriously) and it’s done. All ingredients purchased from our besties at Dan’s Fresh Produce.

• 1 bunch of fresh, flat-leaf parsley
• 1 dime bag (or whatever you wanna call it) of PEELED garlic cloves… cuz ain’t nobody got time for that
• 1 package of Fresh pasta – we used the Phoenix Pastifico Egg Fettucine. Worth the $… (you can go vegan and/or gluten-free with these guys too. Everything is super delicious and cooks in mere minutes!)
• a healthy tablespoon (or 2) of butter or ghee (EVOO if you’re going vegan)
• OPTIONAL: red pepper flakes, for kids who don’t give an F

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