Lazy Leftover Lunch

Have any cilantro + root veggies left over from Monday? Perfect. Cuz it’s lunchtime, and your monsterous children will be home in an hour (stupid early-dismissal Wednesdays). Better make it a good one…

Turnip + Red Beet + Tempeh Salad:
• 1 turnip, chopped
• 1 red beet, chopped (fun because red, but any color will do)
• whole package of Tempeh, cubed
• pumpkin seeds + hemp seeds for salad garnish
• Apple Cider Vinegar + nutritional yeast + olive oil (for salad “dressing”)
• Lettuce (duh)
• handful of cilantro
• Turmeric + cumin (both powdered) + salt
1) Add beets + turnips + spices to a small scoop or two of ghee + a little water. 2) Simmer until water is reduced by half, then add tempeh (FYI, tempeh is kinda gnarly if you don’t braise it… always braise it). 3) cook until liquid is gone and veggies are soft. It’s ok to let them get a little crispy. 4) Toss in cilantro just before removing from heat. 5) Create your bed of lettuce and shake nutritional yeast + a couple shakes of apple cider vinegar, then add veggies/tempeh on top. 6) drizzle with olive oil, salt to taste and sprinkle with hemp + pumpkin seeds… Enjoy!

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