Lazy Tool of the Month…

The Immersion Blender.
If you do not have an immersion blender, you’re doing it wrong. Or, you just like a lot of extra work + dishes. Either way, it’s not OK. Stop this.
I have a $299 Swiss immersion blender, but that’s because I have a problem. You don’t need a bamix… your everyday Cuisinart/Kitchen Aid will do just fine, and if you save any of the 100+ Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons you receive weekly, you’re pretty much set.

You basically rule when it comes to soups and/or baby food once you incorporate the IB and its powers into your food prep routine. And now for an obvious example of how awesome… A quick before + after:image
that Beba Baby cook thing? Rubbish. An entirely separate food processing system designed “especially” for “making baby food”? Enough! Save yourself the unnecessary drama and get the aformentioned immersion blender and/or a Blendtec, and do yourself a favor. These tools will not only pay for themselves, they’ll be treasured kitchen friends for years after you stop pureeing baby carrots. You’re welcome. image

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